Commercial Potato Dryer Machine

Introducing Commercial Potato Dryer Machine

Potatoes and sandwiches and hamburgers dryer for fast-foods

Potato Dryer Machine, which is an efficient and beautiful product of Kardarsteel Co., is a device used to keep potatoes and hamburgers warm and other items found in fast food and sandwiches, such as sausages and makes them dry. This device is an electrical device and it generates heat through two ceramic elements used on the ceiling of this device and transmits it to its lower surface. This machine has a 1/2 bin marrow for keeping fried potatoes exactly Underneath the elements are placed so that the apples and fried bacon will dissipate unheated heat and maintain its freshness. At the front there is a basin for drainage oil and the next part is to put the prepared envelopes of potatoes. Which are warm because they are warm to serve.

This machine is used to hold potatoes, donuts, sandwiches, etc. This machine has a storage place and centrifuge for drainage of oil and ready-made packs, and the heating system is indirect from the top and affects the whole shooting environment. Heats up. This device is a device for keeping potato fresh and keeping it hot; due to the popularity of potatoes in fast food, potato shoots are highly versatile.

Product details

★ Design and production of potatoes in various capacities

★ Keep the potato warm

★ Ability to have oil shredder for potato and hamburger oil and so on

★ There is a place called a storehouse for keeping potatoes before packing

★ Placing potatoes in envelopes and locally to keep them

★ Use Ceramic Element and Indirect Heating

★ Beautiful and unique design

★ Desktop and immobilization

★ Use radiant and thermal elements

★ Has a lamp for lighting

★ etc.

★ Made of stainless steel sheet in various sizes

★ Shoot potatoes with ceramic and indirect ceramic elements

★ The device is electrically powered and the heat source is supplied from ceramic elements

★ Steam potato or oven shaving has two potato holders, dill and sandwiches, and so on.

★ Power consumption: 220V

★ Used 2 ceramic laminates 1000 watts Dimensions

★ Dimensions: 59 × ۶۳ (Height: 59 and Width: 63)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Kardarsteel Co. Equip Co. is a manufacturer of industrial (commercial) kitchen equipment located in southern Tehran, Iran, sending its equipment to all cities of Iran. It should be noted that we also export our equipment abroad; contact us for information on how to send and collaborate with you.

The Commercial Potato Dryer Machine is used for a variety of fast foods. depending on who you are in and which department you plan to cut how much meat you cut during the day, the price They change. Therefore, we did not announce any price on the website. Contact us for price information, after receiving some information, we will quote you the price.

The Commercial Potato Dryer Machine will work for you on average between 10 and 15 years. It should be noted that after purchasing this machine from Kardarsteel Co. company, you will enjoy a 1-year warranty and 10 years after-sales service.

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