About Us

About Us

Company overview

Kardar Steel is an industrial company that we gather together and work on every day. We are looking for potential problems that business owners have in the food industry (such as Commercial kitchens, fast-foods, confectionery & bakery, Catering, etc.) and minimize them with our products. Business executives often have doubts about which equipment to design and produce, and who really needs the kitchen industry. And those who are a manager or responsible for industrial kitchens also have doubts about what equipment should be invested and which one really suits them.
Throughout the history of the business we look at, individuals make use of their prior information and experience in their decisions. The goal of Worker Steele is to provide business decision makers with free information and consultant, and instead of producing tastes, it allows businesses to determine what kind of equipment they are suitable for. With many years of successful work experience in the field of production, we will introduce the most suitable products on the website.

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Our Working Philosophy

We are the manufacturer and manufacturer of industrial kitchen equipment, which we believe in, despite the fact that we enjoy the work we do (production and design), we provide equipment that buyers can share with us as well.

Our Core Values

Design, production and provision of specialized, optimal and continuous specialized services in the field of industrial kitchen equipment, which, on the one hand, satisfy the needs and demands of industrial kitchens (restaurants, fast food, grilled food, confectionery, etc.) and On the other hand, it coincides with the technological developments of the day.
✔️ Application of modern technology in the production of industrial kitchen equipment
✔️ Applying the latest methods in the production and supply of restaurant equipment, fast food, grilling, as well as food warmers for companies.
✔️ Provides advice and other services in the field of purchasing equipment for restaurants and kitchens that have just been launched.
✔️ Active presence in projects and support
✔️ Increasing the level of knowledge and technical skills of the company in order to carry out national and international projects
Worker’s Shelter Policy
✔️ Creating trust and satisfaction
✔️ Increase customer technical information by providing advice and training
✔️ Continuous increase in the quality and variety of services
✔️ Increase the level of skills, abilities, and knowledge of the firm’s staff
✔️ Increase the level of participation and the spirit of cooperation of the company’s employees
✔️ Enhance customer-centric morale at all stages of work
✔️ Provides many facilities in the field of industrial kitchen equipment, taking into account space, cost and safety tips
✔️ Kardar Steel Corporation’s policy is based on human dignity, mutual trust, and targeted teamworking, and we are always trying to compete, test, reevaluate and improve our professional standards.

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