Buying Restaurant Equipment Tips

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Buying Restaurant Equipment from Industrial Companies

Buying restaurant equipment sometimes seems very hard and exhausting, and in fact buying restaurant equipment is expensive in obvious reasons.

In this article Kardarsteel will teach you how to:

Buy Restaurant Equipment.

Buy Fast-food Equipment.

But Commercial Kitchen Equipment.

Before you buy restaurant equipment or fast food equipment, you must make sure to consider buying a restaurant from foreign companies is sometimes very expensive and expensive, so before Consider investing in the following points:

Role of NSF logo on commercial kitchen equipment

Note that the NSF logo, like the other standard signs, represents the health of commercial kitchen equipment you purchased, and the presence of this logo will ensure that the product is sound standard and is strictly monitored by some companies which are responsible fore this manufactured products.

If you buy a fast-food equipment like a barbecue machine, or a commercial kitchen equipment e.g. commercial food warmer, it’s not really necessary this logo labeled on every single element of the product.

If the logo of the product you have purchased is labeled on your commercial kitchen equipment, be sure that All parts are standard.

Why NSF logo?

We suggest that all commercial kitchen equipment (like a restaurant equipment) you buy ought to have a blue National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) logo printed someplace on the product or product packaging.

The NSF guarantees that the commercial kitchen equipment is appropriate to be used in a commercial kitchen.

due to rigorous third-celebration inspections that ensure the equipment is safe and clean to maintain smooth and sanitized.

whilst no longer all fitness codes require that each piece of commercial kitchen gadget be NSF-accepted, in case you buy gadgets with the blue seal, you may be sure those items will meet health regulations whilst they’re used in keeping with the producer’s suggestions.

NSF-approved restaurant kitchen equipment also helps you to make your foods more standardly, without any concern about your commercial kitchen authority via the usage of best the cleanest, safest designs.

More about NSF logo

This logo is about NSF, the National Health Organization, which began its activity in 1944 and is now active in 150 countries, which in some countries is due to other well-known organizations such as Occupational and Occupational Health and Safety Authority (OSHA) Safety and Health Administration is the second priority, but this does not diminish its value, all of which are said to be related to products manufactured abroad and you intend to purchase.

Quote from NSF website

The NSF mark is your assurance that the product has been tested by one of the most respected independent certification organizations in existence today. It is valued by consumers, manufacturers, retailers and regulatory agencies worldwide.

The NSF certification mark on a product means that the product complies with all standard requirements. NSF conducts periodic unannounced inspections and product testing to verify that the product continues to comply with the standard.

The mark also provides:

  • Knowledge that an impartial review against established criteria or guidelines has been conducted.
  • Evidence that product labeling and claims have been objectively reviewed by a trusted third party.
  • A way to differentiate your product from your competitors’ and gain advantage in the market.
  • Evidence of your organization’s company-wide commitment to quality, compliance and safety.
  • Backing by a team of professionals dedicated to public health and safety operating in more than 170 countries around the world. (Reference)

Learning how to buy restaurant kitchen equipment

As mentioned before, you need to choose and buy restaurant equipment which is fit for your business.

To buy right equipment, don’t forget that buying restaurant equipment is an investment as well. Have in mind that buying restaurant equipment should occupy the least space and have the best performance for your commercial kitchen. For this reason, pay attention to the points mentioned in this post.

Learn how to buy restaurant equipment

before buying restaurant equipment, Ask yourself: “What kind of restaurant kitchen do I need?”

Before any decision to buy restaurant equipment, put your restaurant menu in first priority. Before buying commercial kitchen equipment, Pay attention to your menu and buy only the equipment you need and is fit to your menu.

Do not blow your price range on a significant equipment that you rarely use. if your capacity is limited, you must consider the size of the equipment as well. Estimate how a good deal output you’ll want from every piece of commercial kitchen equipment and purchase the correct size.

underneath-sizing will slow down your restaurant and will not satisfy your costumers.

The perfect commercial kitchen equipment for your restaurant

Depending on how much costumers per day you have, your storage of your restaurant and the needs will be affected.

You need to keep in mind how much space is needed for freezers and other products and also how much you need to cook on a daily basis; considering a number of customers, you will notice, for example, how much barbecue is cooked per day?

Answering this question will help you to choose the best one.

Tips on before buying restaurant equipment

As mentioned earlier, buying commercial kitchen equipment especially for restaurant is considered an investment.

It’s better (like any other investment) Consider some aspects before buying. Working with professional companies like kardarsteel Co. which is the manufacturer of commercial kitchen equipment in Iran, can be your best bet because it is technically feasible and easy to support, but there are some tips you should consider before buying.

Be aware of in which every equipment is in your kitchen and serving vicinity, including water, electricity, and gasoline. depending on the piece of commercial kitchen equipment you’re thinking about, you could want to understand greater information than simply the vicinity of every application.

For water, analyze the incoming water strain and temperature.

For power, you can want to realize how a good deal cutting-edge draw each circuit can take care of and which plugs your outlets are set up for.

Learn about the cost and availability of natural gas and propane on your vicinity, and which one your kitchen is set up for.

What else to consider before buy restaurant equipment?

Make sure your restaurant has the option of installing the equipment you are purchasing.

When you plan to buy a great restaurant, check out the welfare services (water, electricity, and gas), and it’s best to consider this before buying a product.

If you consider this point before purchasing the equipment, what you do is re-wiring that does not cost much.

But if you buy a piece of electricity that has three phases, but your wiring is one or two phases, you’ll probably regret why you did not think about it before buying.

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