Commercial BBQ Grill With Legs

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Commercial BBQ Grill With Legs

Commercial BBQ Grill is one of the Commercial kitchen equipment and restaurant equipment produced by the Kardarsteel Co., which is also called Automatic Grill Barbecue, because it has burning burners in it, and rods around the axis Roaring downwards, the kite therefore makes the grilled steaks uniform, and since grilled oil is poured on each other, the cooked barbecues are juicy, and in contrast to the design That grilled oil does not burn on flames and do not cause fire and smoke.

Another feature of the Commercial BBQ Grill is the ability to adjust the speed of rails, which determines the speed, capacity and number of barbecues per hour. The body of the device has a high resistance, which increases its performance and life-cycle. This appliance is suitable for restaurants, pubs and grilles, and because of its elegance and elegance in design, it can be used to display baking in the customer’s visual sense, which is designed in two industrial and semi-industrial models, and in particular, the lack of use The oil reduces the weight and fat in the meals.

Commercial BBQ Grill Applications

✔️ Suitable companies and offices to cook personalized food

✔️ Suitable for hot and hot beans.

✔️ Suitable for cookware and catering and restaurant.

Commercial BBQ Grill details

Kardarsteel after-sale Services

✔️ 10 years after-sales service

✔️ one year warranty

✔️ free Tutorial

✔️ free installation

Commercial BBQ Grill Features

★ No use of traditional methods and charcoal for barbecue

★ Do not place the roast directly on the flame

★ Because of its fast cooking and a new style of design, it eliminates nutrients in the kebab flavor.

★ Bake fast and easy at the fastest time

★ Cooking smooth and smooth barbecue (automatic grill roasting on vertical rails)

★ Do not create toxic gases and maintain the health of the environment and the cook

★ Ability to cook barbecue and barbecue and bacon and …

★ Burning without smoke and fire due to the flame positioning and special design of the device

★ No need for skilled force and spend time in vain

★ Reducing gas consumption (reduced by 1.3% compared to simple gas models)

★ Convenient performance and non-use in public view due to its elegance and elegance in designing and eye-catching at the time of baking, the customer attracted (a beautiful and unique appearance)

★ Ability to set speed rails

★ The ability to bake 450 kebabs per hour and more

★ Includes all-steel hood

★ Observe the technical and health safety principles

★ etc.

Commercial BBQ Grill Technical Specifications

★ Dimensions of the device: length 81 cm, width 72 cm, height 200 cm (200 × 72 × 81)

★ Approximate weight: 170 kg (170 kg)

★ Gas consumption: 2.7 cubic meters per hour (2.7 m3 / h)

★ The sheet of stainless steel is 1 mm thick.

★ Type of gas consumed: municipal gas and liquid

★ Flame Model: Radiant

★ Has a sturdy chassis of iron profile

The Commercial BBQ Grill With Legs will work for you on average between 10 and 15 years. It should be noted that after purchasing this machine from Kardarsteel Co. company, you will enjoy a 1 year warranty and 10 years after-sales service.

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