commercial convection oven

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Introducing commercial convection oven

The machine is a unique and new product of the company Kardarsteel Co. It is made in different sizes with the capacity of 4, 6, 8 and 10 dies. However, according to the demand and customer plan, there is a number of increase of disks and dimensions. The confectionary oven is an integrated system There is the indirect heat that, during a specific time, a paste of cakes, pastries, biscuits and … is placed therein and cooked in the heat obtained from the Burner burners and prepared for the next cooking. The oven’s oven’s oven is made and supplied in standard models. The oven’s temperature is from 30 to 300 ° C. With the control panel, the whole heat system can be controlled and can be supplied with a gas and electric system. Contemporary oven glass has a very beautiful effect. This device has a fan for rotating and circulating air. Thermal insulation by glass wool does not have the slightest thermal and energy dissipation. This machine is used for baking cakes, bread, sweets, and desserts for industrial businesses. Also, due to the small size of the disks, the dimensions can be created at home Use this appliance as a home-based home-cooker for cooking sweets. Due to its high quality, it is usable for local baking and cookies.

Pluses and Minuses in Baking
The even heating advantages of these convection ovens cause them to specifically beneficial in baking. Convection ovens with a steam, moisture, or humidity option can provide perfect brown crusts if you want to bake a bread. For things like cookies, you will get flawlessly gooey chocolate chips without scorching the bottom. but, it is crucial to realize what you may be cooking, because a few matters do not bake nicely with that air movement. Crème Brulee and cake batters can be splattered across the oven or develop ripples, whilst light objects like croissants and puff pastries may be pushed around the baking sheet with the aid of the moving air.

To deal with that issue, look for a version that gives a two-pace fan, with an excessive putting for meats and potatoes, and a low one for greater delicate foods. Alternately, having the choice to turn the fan off can help with this. For pastries, use the fan early when they have extra moisture in them and are heavier, then flip it off as they bake. Batters do higher via switching that around, keeping the fan off early in the manner, then turning it on as the firm.

Application of commercial convection oven

  ✔️ Pastry

  ✔️ Cakes

  ✔️ Bake bread and home-made sweets and all types of cakes and sweets

deciding on the right doors
although it can seem like an easy component, getting the proper doorways could make a huge difference for your kitchen. Your preference is among established and impartial, and each has its advantages and issues.

dependent doorways

best one door has a take care of and pulling it opens each doorway. meaning you most effective want one available hand, that is extraordinary in view that you will commonly be wearing a pan on a single hand when you want to open the doorways. That eliminates the need to set the pan all the way down to open the doors, because of this faster load instances. Having each the doors open every time you want to get right of entry to can imply warmness loss, even though. also, the development of this sort of door can purpose them to sag over the years and they may no longer absolutely seal after years of use.

independent doors

commonly, commercial convection ovens with independent doors are more low-cost. they also permit get right of entry to without warmness loss from the whole cupboard and hold up better to years of ordinary use. Having a cope with on each doorway also makes last them easier. obviously, unbiased doorways don’t permit the ease of getting entry to that based ones to do, which means you may probably need both palms to open them.

indoors subjects
you will observe we offer alternatives for the interior – stainless steel and porcelain. Neither one is probably to affect the ability of the oven to warmth evenly. nevertheless, it is vital to recognize what this feature is about and why you would possibly pick one over the alternative.

A chrome steel indoors will get up well to years of use and models with it are probable to be low in cost. Be aware that grease, crumbs, and spills can be burned to the metal surface, making them quite hard to clean off.

A porcelain interior can be pretty clean to smooth thanks to its smoother floor. those fashions also are much more likely to have coved corners, rounded joints which can be less difficult to wipe clean, and do not harbor spills and bacteria.

Regular depth vs. Bakery- or Deep-depth
the standard convection oven has a cooking cupboard that is approximately 29-inches huge and 24-inches deep. That lets in the room for a single tremendous pan (18×26) or half of-length pans (18×13) on every rack. maximum industrial kitchens will do first-class with those measurements.

For certain uses, there’s a want for even greater air glide that can be furnished by means of a preferred intensity model. That consists of some varieties of baking, that’s why the deep-depth convection ovens have additionally been dubbed bakery-depth. Their cooking cavities generally measure around 29-inches huge and 28-inches deep, which lets in for a significant pan to match aspect-via-facet or front-to-lower back. For the exceptional air glide, bakers can trade pans facet-to-side and front-to-again, which presents for an in particular even bake.

One thing this is important to do not forget whilst you’re shopping for a deep-intensity oven is whether or not neighborhood codes will permit one for your kitchen. in case you’re switching from a fashionable depth to a bakery-depth unit, your current hood might not be deep enough to accommodate it. in view that fitness department guidelines typically require the hood expand past the front of cooking gadget, you can need to increase your hood to match this kind of deeper fashions. That can be hugely luxurious, a fee that would be prohibitive for some kitchens.

A Leg to face On
some convection ovens will come with their personal legs that attach at once to the unit’s frame. That permits for smooth installation due to the fact you don’t should locate space on your convection oven on a gadget stand. fashions without legs can be unfastened up ground area via sitting on a present equipment stand or chef base. in addition, they may be stacked several units excessive, which will increase your cooking ability without taking on the greater ground area.

Product details

★ The device has a steel base with a resistant profile.

★ The capacity of the device is 4, 6, 8, and 10 dies to a size of 40 * 60

★ At the request of the customer, they are built as standing, pedestrian, and wheelchairs.

★ Multipurpose use of the restaurant, home and business, pastry and cookies, meat dough and …

★ Add the number of disks according to the customer’s requirement for baking

★ Door glass

★ All disks are fixed.

★ Used to cook cookies, cakes and so on.

★ etc.

★ Standard spacing and dimensional design

★ Digital reconfigurability of cooking time and temperature control, low volume compared to commercial ovens, the possibility of cooking at home and the small environment

★ Customizable and customizable production according to customer request

★ It is fully sanitized.

★ Ability to add wheels to the bases

★ Less space to occupy

★ Has beauty and elegance in design

★ Fireproof and sturdy handle

★ Suitable for long use

★ Two volumes of heat that can be used with lower capacity

★ Digital thermostat 30 to 300 °

★ Has a heat control panel

★ Torch type: Burner

★ Thermal system: Indirect

★ Approximate weight: 95 to 130 kg

★ Heating system: gas and electric

★ Inside the machine, the galvanized sheet is a millimeter

★ The outer surface of the stainless steel machine

★ Full insulation with glass wool to prevent heat loss and energy dissipation

★ Available in model 6, 8 and 10 with an air-tilt fan.

★ The timer for the product’s cake is given in minutes according to the minute after which the siren starts to play until the device key turns off.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Kardarsteel Co. is a manufacturer of industrial (commercial) kitchen equipment located in southern Tehran, Iran, sending its equipment to all cities of Iran. It should be noted that we also export our equipment abroad; contact us for information on how to send and collaborate with you.
The commercial convection oven is used for a variety of fast foods. depending on who you are in and which department you plan to cut how much meat you cut during the day, the price They change. Therefore, we did not announce any price on the website. Contact us for price information, after receiving some information, we will quote you the price.
The commercial convection oven will work for you on average between 10 and 15 years. It should be noted that after purchasing this machine from Kardarsteel Co., you will enjoy a 1 ye1-warranty and 10 years after-sales service.
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