Commercial Kitchen meaning and definition

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Industrial kitchen

In Persian-speaking countries, the commercial kitchen is referred to “Industrial Kitchen”, which is the same as “commercial kitchen.” Commercial kitchens are kitchens that used for cooking purposes in commercial kitchens. in contrast the kitchens of the home which dedicated to family members. The term industrial kitchen or commercial kitchen stands for commercial based kitchens.

The industrial kitchen will vary greatly from our home kitchen due to the use of an industrial word.

In an industrial kitchen, food will be cooked and cooked greatly, which will indicate the sensitivity and time to a high level of service.

As you know, In a regular kitchen, food will provide food for a family of people.

But in an industrial kitchen that serves the hotel, restaurant, and fast food, every issue has a new position, for example on this scale.

The great taste of the people, the tastes, and qualities that all of the above mentioned needs space for preparation.

Therefore with all the household equipment, it is not possible to cook this large amount of food.

This reason makes craftsmen and designers think about designing industrial kitchen equipment has proven to facilitate the preparation.

Features of an industrial (or commercial) kitchen

Here it should be noted that, in addition to all the above mentioned, the speed of the operation in the cook is a very important issue.

Therefore, the cooking and preparation of food are used.

The local industrial kitchen is for the preparation and cooking of food, with  numbers of the cooks that are working in that environment.

The cooks in the kitchen must provide the food with the tools to provide them with a comfortable thought and equipment for a quality food day.

At the time of designing the industrial kitchen equipment, having enough information to optimize the space in terms of purchasing.

This equipment is very important in terms of location in the environment.

At the beginning of the design, an industrial kitchen should begin with the start of the preparation of equipment for cooking, preparation equipment, cooking equipment, refrigeration systems, cooking machines, and peripheral devices.

All of things which mentioned above need to start a seamless system that will enhance quality.

It is imperative, and taking into account the criteria for the right choice of equipment, can upgrade this quality day by day.

The kitchen in the house is always the heart of the house, and in a restaurant, hotel, hall, etc., it plays the same role.

Criteria for owning a commercial kitchen

That’s why all the comfort points have to be thought of as being a heart. In an industrial kitchen, all things must be noted:

✔️ Local preparation for cooking and cooking

✔️ Components of an industrial kitchen

✔️ Health Restaurant

✔️ Layout Mode

✔️ Industrial Kitchen Line

✔️ Industrial Kitchen Design

✔️ Launch basics.

commercial kitchens are observed in eating places, cafeterias, accommodations, hospitals, educational and workplace centers, navy barracks, and similar institutions.

These kitchens are commonly larger and geared up with bigger and greater heavy-duty system than a residential kitchen.

as an example, a large eating place may also have a big stroll-in fridge and a large industrial dishwasher machine.

Commercial kitchens are typically (in advanced countries) situation to public fitness laws.

they are inspected periodically by means of public-fitness officers and compelled to close in the event that they do no longer meet hygienic requirements mandated by law.

Commercial kitchen: good or bad?

Owning a commercial kitchen can be an exhausting job and nerve-wracking as well.

As some commercial kitchen managers say, you do most tiring things every day.

Nevertheless, it can be one of the best parts of your life if goes well.

To these people, the commercial kitchen is considered as the most satisfying thing because they love this job.

the choice is yours to decide whether owning a commercial kitchen is good for you or not and to realize this, you may ask yourself: “am I enjoying it?”

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