Doner Kebab Machine – Turkish Kebab Shop Equipment

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Introducing Doner Kebab – Turkish Kebab Shop Stand Machine Equipment

Turkish kebab for baking a variety of Turkish roasters in a small space. The root of the Danish kebab (Doner) is Turkish, and the donors in this language mean spin and spinning. Since meat and poultry are cooked through a vertical bar in the middle of the machine, they are called kebab doners. There is no longer a shelf under the machine in the Turkish kebab machine and should be placed on the table or a level to use it. Skewers at a height of 90 cm and seven ceramic flames have been created on this device. The excess oil can be discharged through a tray below the device. The turbine is powered by a city gas and capsule and can be turned around if there is no electricity. Turkish turbine machine is manufactured in three models with a capacity of 50 and 90 kg kebab boiled Turkish. This machine is suitable for restaurants and fast food, with the exception that it is no longer necessary to stand like a Turkish kebab, be sure to stand on the table or on a tall surface because it stands and needs to be specified. It should be noted that this device is found in fast food and many restaurants.

Product details

★ Extra oils available on this unit can be discharged into a tray located below the machine

★ If the power is cut off, there is still the ability to rotate it.

★ Turkish barbecue pan uniform

★ etc.

★ Turkish kebab stand stands at a height of 90 cm.

★ This machine has seven flush ceramic movable

★ The body of the machine is fully stainless steel with a thickness of 0.08 mm.

★ Has seven sets of animated ceramic flames in order to adjust the flame and spit interval for better cooking.

★ It can cook between 50 kg and 90 kg of Turkish kebab.

★ Elevation: 110 meters

★ Material: Steel (thickness 0.8mm)

★ This unit has a separate volume for each section to better adjust the cooking temperature.

★ Also, has an extra oil drain tray.

★ It is worth mentioning that it also has the capability to use with city gas and capsules.

★ It also has the ability to rotate the beam in the absence of electricity.

★ has rails to control the flame frame and determine the appropriate distance with the bark.

★ Also, this machine can be designed and manufactured in standard and customized dimensions tailored to customer requirements.

★ Standing turbine machine with a capacity of 50-90kg and 2.5 r.p.m

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Kardarsteel Co. is a manufacturer of industrial (commercial) kitchen equipment located in southern Tehran, Iran, sending its equipment to all cities of Iran. It should be noted that we also export our equipment abroad; contact us for information on how to send and collaborate with you.
TheDoner Kebab – Turkish Kebab Shop Equipment is used for a variety of fast foods. depending on who you are in and which department you plan to cut how much meat you cut during the day, the price They change. Therefore, we did not announce any price on the website. Contact us for price information, after receiving some information, we will quote you the price.
The Doner Kebab – Turkish Kebab Shop Equipment machine will work for you on average between 10 and 15 years. It should be noted that after purchasing this machine from Kardarsteel Co., you will enjoy a 1 ye1-warranty and 10 years after-sales service.
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