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Introducing snack maker machine

The snack making machine is suitable for restaurants, some fast-foods, and other commercial kitchens and is manufactured by Kardarsteel Co. Equipments and can be purchased online and in all region of Iran and other countries. This machine is used to make snacks in commercial centers, and it differs from that of the home snack maker and can be used to make snacks in high volume.

Product details

★ This machine is made of stainless steel (used for industrial purposes such as restaurants, fast food, etc.)

★ Without loss of quality and taste of snacks, it prepares a high amount of snacks.

★ This device is made in different sizes and varies from 8 slices to 16 slices.

★ etc.

★ Fireproof and sturdy handle

★ Suitable for long use

★ Two volumes of heat that can be used with lower capacity

★ Has 16 slice of high strength snacks and is suitable for daily use in high volume

★ Dimensions of this device: 40 to 30 by 15 cm.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Kardarsteel Co. is a manufacturer of industrial (commercial) kitchen equipment located in southern Tehran, Iran, sending its equipment to all cities of Iran. It should be noted that we also export our equipment abroad; contact us for information on how to send and collaborate with you.
The use of snack making machine is used for a variety of fast food, restaurant, catering and even corporate kitchens, etc. depending on who you are in and which department you plan to cut how much meat you cut during the day, the price They change. Therefore, we did not announce any price on the website. Contact us for price information, after receiving some information, we will quote you the price.
The snack making machine will work for you on average between 10 and 15 years. It should be noted that after purchasing this machine from Kardarsteel Co., you will enjoy a 1 ye1-warranty and 10 years after-sales service.
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