Bone saw machine

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Introducing Bone saw machine

The bone saws on the stand are equipped with anodized blades that are capable of cutting various kinds of bone and frozen meat in different sizes.
Since places like dining halls, butchers, and even restaurants, in general, deal with meat, they need tools such as bone saws to use to cut meat and bone. Of course, it’s worth mentioning. It can also be used to cut fish. Hence, we decided to introduce one of our products, the bone chains.
You just have to put meat on the plate to cut the meat for you, and after you cut it with the desired size, you can use it to cook all kinds of kebabs, which is one of the most important applications. The machine is a bone marrow.

With aid of our industrious specialists, we are providing Bone saw system to our customers. This product is relevant in food processing market. it’s far made for reducing and freezing meat as well as bones in small portions. it is stated for its excessive performance, less electricity consumption, and smooth operation. It makes the work system less complicated and is apt for freezing meat and fish apart from poultry. cleaning should be done regularly to make sure that it stays in a top situation for long time length. The exceptional controllers hired for this reason do the rigorous inspection of the entire array earlier than handing over in the marketplace.
Bone noticed are made from high best raw cloth. these are available in one-of-a-kind specification to satisfy the numerous requirement of the customer. Bone saw device is meals-processing system specially designed for cutting freezing meat and bones into smaller pieces.

The technical description of the bone marrow machine

The blades of this machine are no longer on the cutting edge of the cutting unit, as the previous generations of the machine are, as they are rotating the bottom, so that cutting height and high security are at your fingertips. The technical specifications of the bone chassis on the body of the bone chassis on the single-phase model A / E 155 are all stainless steel and anti-color and in contrast to the price, it has a unique performance. The design of the machine is such that it can easily be cleaned and also the blade of the machine is removable. The chassis engine has air conditioning and electronic braking, which is very efficient.

Product details

★ Quick cut and no need to use classic techniques like manual cutting

★ Meat and bone directly and quickly cut into a flame and make it easy for butchers and those dealing with meat.

★ Smooth cutting

★ etc.

★ The weight of the machine is 33 Kg.

★ The power of the chainsaw is 0.75 kW.

★ The dimensions of the bone saws are 845 cm long, 390 cm high and 435 cm high.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Kardarsteel Co. is a manufacturer of industrial (commercial) kitchen equipment located in southern Tehran, Iran, sending its equipment to all cities of Iran. It should be noted that we also export our equipment abroad; contact us for information on how to send and collaborate with you.
The use of the bone saw machine is for cutting meat, bones and cut the meat and bones are frozen, etc. depending on who you are in and which department you plan to cut how much meat you cut during the day, the price They change. Therefore, we did not announce any price on the website. Contact us for price information, after receiving some information, we will quote you the price.
The Bone Saw Machine will work for you on average between 10 and 15 years. It should be noted that after purchasing this machine from Kardarsteel Co. company, you will enjoy a 1 ye1-warranty and 10 years after-sales service.
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